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Structured Finance

We have a deep understanding of finance, securities law, and regulatory frameworks to navigate the complexities of the transactions successfully. Our role is crucial in mitigating legal risks and ensuring the legality and enforceability of structured finance instruments.

In structured finance transactions, we play a critical role in facilitating complex financial arrangements. Our services include:


Transaction Structuring: Collaborating with financial institutions, corporations, and other entities to structure financial transactions tailored to meet specific needs.


Documentation Drafting: Drafting and reviewing legal documents related to structured finance transactions, including offering documents, prospectuses, and transaction agreements.


Due Diligence: Conducting due diligence to assess the legal risks and implications associated with the structured finance transaction.


Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring compliance with relevant financial regulations and laws governing structured finance transactions.


Negotiation: Participating in negotiations between parties involved in the transaction, including lenders, borrowers, investors, and other stakeholders.


Securitization: Advising on securitization transactions, where financial assets are bundled together and transformed into securities for investment purposes.


Derivatives and Risk Management: Addressing legal issues related to derivatives and implementing risk management strategies within the structured finance framework.


Rating Agency Relations: Interacting with rating agencies to secure favorable credit ratings for the structured finance products being offered.


Collateralization and Security Interests: Establishing and overseeing the collateralization of assets to secure the structured finance instruments, including the creation of security interests.


Legal Opinions: Providing legal opinions on various aspects of the structured finance transaction to assure all parties of its legal soundness.


Compliance with Industry Standards: Ensuring adherence to industry best practices and standards for structured finance transactions.


Closing and Post-Closing Activities: Overseeing the closing of the structured finance transaction and handling post-closing activities, including filings and regulatory submissions.


Dispute Resolution: Addressing legal disputes that may arise during or after the structured finance transaction.


Tax Implications: Collaborating with tax professionals to address the tax implications of the structured finance arrangement.

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