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 AHRP Law Firm adopts a progressive and proactive approach to the practice of law. AHRP is committed to offer a wide range of legal services and advice of the highest professional standard focus on its client’s best interests. AHRP lawyers undertake high-level legal work for Indonesian and foreign top companies and are involved in numbers of the largest and most complex commercial transactions in Indonesia. We are able to provide clients with legal, commercial and strategic solutions that are built on experience and the desire to understand the commercial context in which a business operates. It is AHRP ability to establish close relationships and develop creative approaches to meeting each individual client's needs and business requirements that made it possible to accomplish such progress and success.

Our lawyers have had actual work experiences in performing substantial number of projects in the field of infrastructures, M&A, and capital market for multinational and national companies.  In addition, we have acted as counsel on general corporate issues including commercial, tax, and litigation of a number of companies. AHRP lawyers have dealt  with transactions involving complex legal issues in many sectors and industries including banking, project finance, restructuring, construction, mining, energy, oil and gas, aviation, and shipping. AHRP lawyers have also been involved in a substantial number of projects involving the activities of state-owned enterprises and Governmental institution. It is AHRP lawyers' objective to solve client's problems using reasonable means of approach that arise in complex transactions by proposing the best structure for a transaction that is beneficial to clients, yet on the other hand, securing the legality and its enforceability.

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