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Indonesia Business Legal Guide 2024

Navigating Indonesia's Business Landscape: A Comprehensive Legal Guide 2024

Embarking on a business venture in Indonesia requires a deep understanding of the intricate legal framework that governs the nation's dynamic and rapidly evolving business landscape. As the Indonesian economy continues to demonstrate resilience and growth, it becomes imperative for entrepreneurs, investors, and businesses to stay abreast of the latest legal developments. In this context, our publication, the "Indonesia Business Legal Guide 2024," serves as an indispensable resource for navigating the complexities of doing business in this vibrant archipelago.

Our IBLG Publication is a strategic tool designed to empower businesses, investors, and legal professionals with the knowledge needed to thrive in Indonesia's dynamic and diverse business ecosystem. As Indonesia continues its trajectory towards becoming a global economic powerhouse, this guide stands as a beacon, illuminating the legal pathways and ensuring a smooth and compliant journey for those engaged in business endeavors across the archipelago.

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Chapter I

Ease of Doing Business in Indonesia

Overview of Indonesia's business climate and incentives for investors

Chapter II

Indonesia’s Development Plan

Long term, medium term and government work plan in national development

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chapter 3.png

Chapter III

Business Sectors for Investment in Indonesia

Priority business sectors and conditions for investment

Chapter IV

Standard Indonesian Business Field Classification

Overview of Indonesia's business climate and incentives for investors

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chapter 5.png

Chapter V

Indonesia's Legal System

Hierarchy, characteristic of regulations and decree, type of government authority

Chapter VI

Foreign Investment in Indonesia

Things which foreign investors should know

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chapter 7.png

Chapter VII

Incorporation of Limited Liability Company in Indonesia

Requirements, article of association, organs and authorization

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Chapter IX

Licensing in General

Business licensing, land, environmental, building construction and utilization

Chapter X

Business Compliance

Language, reporting, legalization, taxation, currency, antitrust, domestic component level

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Chapter VIII

Merger, Consolidation, and Acquisition in Indonesia

Mechanism and procedures for M&A

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chapter 11.png

Chapter XI


Industrial relation, foreign workers, outsourcingIndustrial relation, foreign workers, outsourcing

Chapter XII

Intellectual Property Rights

General overview, types, licensing

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chapter 13.png

Chapter XIII

Dispute Settlement

Settlement of legal dispute, government-private investment dispute

Chapter XIV

Anti-Corruption and Good Corporate Governance in Doing Business

Things to obey in keeping the business clean

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chapter 15.png

Chapter XV

Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Overview on the Bankruptcy and Restructuring Process in Indonesia

Chapter XVI

Competition Law in Indonesia

Prohibitions related to Monopolistic Practices and Unfair Business Competition

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Chapter XVII

Taxation in Indonesia

Understanding Indonesia's diverse tax system to support the government's revenue and economic development

Chapter XVIII

Obligation to Implement Environmental, Social, and Governance Aspects for Business Entities

Overview of Indonesia's ESG progression, encompassing green financing and innovative environmental policies

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Chapter XIX

Investment in Indonesia’s New Capital City

Strategic investment opportunities in Indonesia's New Capital City, with insights into incentives and growth prospects

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