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Justice Prevails: AHRP Law Firm's Pro Bono Stand Against Sexual Harassment

It is with deep pride that we announce our success in fulfilling the commitment to provide pro bono services for 2 years by assisting around 30 (thirty) students at the Islamic Boarding School ‘Tahfidz Al Qur’an Said Bin Tsabit’ in filing a police report registered under the number of LP/B/878/IV/2022/SPKT/POLRES METRO BEKASI/POLDA METRO JAYA of 14 April 2022 on the allegation of sexual harassment. The team under the leadership of Zaka Hadisupani Oemang as our litigation partner accompanied by senior associate M. Sakti H. Tambunan as well as associate M. Radhitya Hawari and Adnan have successfully assisted the victims in identifying and determining the perpetrator as a suspect and subsequent detention. The case file has been transferred to the Public Prosecutor's Office of Bekasi Regency and said perpetrator is now under the custody of the Prosecutor's Office waiting for the trial at Bekasi District Court. We shall continue the commitment to uphold justice, maintain integrity, and fulfill the professional duties of lawyers, including providing pro bono assistance to the community.

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