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Kakao's Webtoon and Web Novel Platform has Successfully Found Its New Home!

Congratulations to Kakao Entertainment Corp. for finally settling in a new home for its webtoons and web novels, Kakao Webtoon!

As a webtoon platform with the highest revenue worldwide in fourth quarter of last year, Kakao Webtoon is a home to approximately 8,500 original IPs of the webtoon, web novels, music, movies, and more from artists around the world. Kakao Entertainment Corp. has started the endeavor to settle into a new platform since June 2022. This effort let them focus on delivering better features as well as delivering more content for the subscribers to enjoy.

The AHRP team, led by our Partner Irawady Azwar along with Senior Associate M. Fadra Heryandra and assisted by Associate Hana Oktaviandri, took part in providing legal assistance on this journey.

We hope Kakao Webtoons could continue to carry out the torch of excitement from its old home with more content and features to come. We also hope that the fans and readers are as excited as us when we were working on this project!


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