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Paving The Path for a Greener Future via Presidential Regulation Number 112/2022

Embracing the spirit of Paris Agreement, the Government of Indonesia has issued Presidential Regulation Number 112 of 2022 on Acceleration of Renewable Energy Development for Power Supply (“PR 112/2022”) as an inaugural step to gradually implement renewable energy power plants in replacing coal-fired power plants. Moving forward, the government continues to take the leap in facilitating the transition through Minister of Finance Regulation Number 103 of 2023 on the Provision of Fiscal Support through the Funding and Financing Framework for the Acceleration of Energy Transition in the Electricity Sector (“MoFR 103/2023”). With the hope of greener earth, the Indonesian Government is yet on track to build a sound regulatory framework while ensuring lucrative framework for investors. Find out more our insights about this topic in our Legal Brief publication.


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