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Second Amandement to the Law No. 11/2008: Streghtening Legal Protection and Certainty of Transboundary Transaction and Electronic Data Utilization

In 2022, based on the data of the Central Bureau of Statistics, 66.48% of the Indonesian citizens have accessed internet. This number have increased by 4.38% from the number in 2021. Such rise of the internet utilization shows that electronic data and information has became the basic need in Indonesia. At the same time, technology has been developing progressively worldwide. Transboundary transactions are inevitable. Moreover, data and information being accessible to any person regardless of his age. Therefore, the Government of Indonesia issued the Second Amendment of Law No. 11 of 2008 on Electronic Information and Transaction on January 2nd 2024 which one of the objectives is to provide clearer regulatory framework on the distribution of electronic data and information. Find out more our insights about this topic in our Legal Brief Publication.


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