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Antitrust & Competition

We work closely with businesses to navigate complex competition regulations, protect against antitrust risks, and ensure compliance with laws governing fair competition.

We provide legal services related to maintaining fair competition, preventing anti-competitive practices, and complying with competition regulations. Our services include:

Compliance and Advisory Services: Advising businesses on compliance with antitrust laws, regulations, and competition policies. Conducting compliance audits and providing guidance on competition law implications for business practices.

Merger Control and Antitrust Clearance: Assisting companies in navigating merger control regulations and obtaining antitrust clearance for mergers, acquisitions, or joint ventures. Preparing filings and notifications to competition authorities and managing the merger review process.

Antitrust Investigations and Enforcement Actions: Representing clients in antitrust investigations by competition authorities for alleged anti-competitive behavior. Defending clients against antitrust enforcement actions, including cartels, price-fixing, abuse of dominance, and unfair trade practices.

Competition Compliance Programs: Developing and implementing competition compliance programs and training for employees to prevent anti-competitive behavior. Providing guidance on establishing internal policies to ensure compliance with competition laws.

Market Dominance and Monopolization Issues: Advising companies on issues related to market dominance, monopolization, and abuse of dominant market positions. Assisting in navigating regulatory requirements and defending against allegations of monopolistic practices.

Antitrust Litigation and Dispute Resolution: Representing clients in antitrust-related litigation, including private actions for damages resulting from anti-competitive behavior. Handling disputes and legal proceedings arising from competition law violations.

Competition Advocacy and Policy Development: Advocating for clients' interests in competition policy development, legislative reforms, and advocacy efforts. Contributing expertise in shaping competition laws and regulations.

Competition Law Compliance in Transactions: Reviewing commercial agreements, collaborations, and strategic alliances to ensure compliance with competition laws. Drafting agreements to avoid potential antitrust issues and ensuring they align with competition regulations.

Antitrust Risk Assessments and Due Diligence: Conducting antitrust risk assessments and due diligence in transactions to identify potential competition law risks. Providing recommendations to mitigate risks associated with antitrust violations.

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