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Restructuring & Insolvency

We work closely with financially distressed companies, creditors, insolvency practitioners, and other stakeholders to navigate complex legal processes and find solutions that maximize value and minimize losses in distressed situations.

We provide legal services related to financially distressed companies, debt restructuring, and insolvency proceedings. Their scope of services includes:

Restructuring Strategies: Advising financially distressed companies on restructuring strategies to improve financial stability, including debt restructuring, operational reorganization, and refinancing options.

Debt Restructuring and Negotiation: Negotiating with creditors and stakeholders to restructure debts, amend loan agreements, and negotiate payment terms. Advising on loan workouts, debt-for-equity swaps, and other restructuring arrangements.

Insolvency Proceedings: Representing debtors, creditors, and other stakeholders in insolvency proceedings, such as bankruptcy filings, voluntary administrations, liquidations, or receiverships. Providing legal guidance throughout the insolvency process.

Bankruptcy Litigation and Disputes: Handling litigation related to insolvency matters, including preference actions, fraudulent conveyance claims, and disputes with creditors. Representing clients in bankruptcy court proceedings.

Distressed Asset Sales: Advising on distressed asset sales, including the sale of assets through bankruptcy auctions, receiverships, or other insolvency proceedings. Assisting in the negotiation and documentation of asset purchase agreements.

Cross-Border Insolvency: Handling cross-border insolvency matters involving international creditors, assets, or operations. Advising on legal implications and coordination of insolvency proceedings across different jurisdictions.

Creditor Representation: Representing creditors in insolvency proceedings, protecting their rights, and pursuing claims against debtors. Advising on creditor priorities, preferences, and strategies for debt recovery.

Employee and Stakeholder Issues: Advising on employment matters, including employee rights, termination, and severance issues in the context of insolvency or restructuring. Addressing stakeholder concerns and interests, including shareholder rights and interests in insolvency proceedings.

Liquidation and Wind-Down: Assisting in the liquidation or winding down of companies, handling the distribution of assets to creditors and stakeholders in accordance with insolvency laws.

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