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Tax & Customs

In both tax and customs work, we often collaborate with accountants, financial experts, and other professionals to offer comprehensive advice and solutions to the clients. The goal is to help clients navigate legal complexities, minimize risks, and optimize their financial positions within the framework of tax and customs laws.

We engage in a variety of activities to help individuals and businesses navigate the complex legal landscape of taxation and customs regulations. Our services include:

Tax Compliance: Assist clients in preparing and filing accurate tax returns, ensuring compliance with applicable tax laws and regulations.

Tax Litigation: Handle legal proceedings related to tax disputes, representing clients in tax court and other relevant forums.

International Taxation: Address tax issues related to cross-border transactions and ensure compliance with international tax laws.

Tax Credits and Incentives: Help clients identify and take advantage of available tax credits and incentives provided by government authorities

Import and Export Compliance: Advise clients on complying with customs laws and regulations when importing or exporting goods.

Tariff Classification: Determine the correct classification of goods for customs purposes, impacting applicable tariffs and duties.

Customs Valuation: Address issues related to the proper valuation of goods for customs duties and ensure compliance with valuation regulations.

Trade Remedies: Assist clients in cases involving unfair trade practices, such as antidumping investigations and countervailing duty proceedings.

Customs Disputes: Represent clients in disputes with customs authorities, including contesting decisions, appealing penalties, and resolving issues related to seized goods.

Compliance Programs: Develop and implement customs compliance programs for businesses to minimize the risk of customs-related problems.

Cross-Border Transactions: Provide legal guidance on customs matters in international transactions, ensuring compliance with customs regulations in different jurisdictions.

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