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We play a crucial role in advocating for their clients' interests, navigating arbitration procedures, and seeking efficient and favorable resolutions to disputes through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

We provide a range of legal services centered around alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. Our services in arbitration include:

Advisory Services: Advising clients on the benefits, risks, and implications of arbitration as an alternative to litigation. Providing guidance on arbitration clauses in contracts and dispute resolution strategies.

Arbitration Agreement Drafting: Drafting arbitration agreements and clauses to include in contracts, specifying the rules, procedures, and governing law for arbitration proceedings.

Arbitration Proceedings: Representing clients in arbitration proceedings as legal counsel. Preparing and presenting arguments, examining witnesses, and presenting evidence before the arbitral tribunal.

Arbitrator Selection and Challenges: Assisting clients in selecting arbitrators or challenging arbitrators for conflicts of interest or other valid reasons. Advising on the selection process and implications of the choice of arbitrators.

Case Strategy and Preparation: Developing case strategies for arbitration proceedings, including evidence gathering, legal research, and case analysis. Preparing written submissions, statements of claim, and responses.

Mediation and Settlement Negotiations: Engaging in mediation efforts and settlement negotiations to resolve disputes amicably outside of formal arbitration hearings. Drafting settlement agreements and facilitating resolution.

Enforcement of Arbitration Awards: Assisting clients in enforcing arbitration awards in courts, both domestically and internationally. Advising on the recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards.

Post-Award Proceedings: Handling post-award challenges or applications to set aside or modify arbitral awards. Representing clients in court proceedings related to arbitration awards.

International Arbitration: Handling cross-border disputes and international arbitration cases involving different legal jurisdictions and governing laws. Addressing issues related to enforcement of foreign arbitral awards.

Client Counseling and Case Management: Advising clients on the arbitration process, risks, and potential outcomes. Managing case timelines, deadlines, and procedural requirements in arbitration proceedings.

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